Voodoo Compiler v0.6.1 Released

Voodoo Compiler v0.6.1 Released

Robbert Haarman


Posted by inglorion
at 2010-04-15 21:12:27

I have just released version 0.6.1 of the Voodoo compiler.

Highlights of the new release include:

- In addition to i386 and AMD64, the compiler now supports MIPS. Two new target platforms have been added: mips (big-endian) and mipsel (little-endian). For both platforms, the compiler can generate assembly code for use with the GNU assembler or use the GNU assembler to generate ELF object files containing machine code.

- The platform autodetection code has been moved from configure to the run-time code. This means that the compiler now autodetects the platform it is running on and defaults to generating code for that platform if no target platform is explicitly specified. It is still possible to set a specific platform as the default using configure.

- A new method, output_file_suffix, has been added to the code generator API. It returns the canonical suffix for files generated by the code generator.

- The language description has been updated to reflect the current state of the language. In particular, descriptions of comments, sections, and alignment have been added, and some cases in which the semantics are not strictly defined have been noted.

- Test cases have been updated, and bugs have been uncovered and fixed.