Voodoo Compiler v1.0.2 Released

Voodoo Compiler v1.0.2 Released

Robbert Haarman


Posted by inglorion
at 2012-11-14 04:42:35

I just released version 1.0.2 of the Voodoo Compiler.

The Voodoo Compiler is an implementation of the Voodoo programming language, designed to simplify the generation of efficient machine code for multiple target platforms. Currently, i386, AMD64, ARM, and MIPS (big-endian and little-endian) are supported.

Version 1.0.2 is a maintenance release, and contains the following improvements:

* Compatibility with Ruby 1.9, in addition to Ruby 1.8.

* make test now reports the number of passed and failed tests.

* The many-vars test has been split into many-args, many-args-tail, and many-locals.