Computer Programming is Like Magic

Computer Programming is Like Magic

Robbert Haarman


Posted by inglorion
at 2012-11-28 09:44:31

Computer programming is like magic. It plays an important part in our lives. We use the magic of computers to do things we couldn't otherwise accomplish. We make predictions about the future. We consult computers for important decisions. We use them to divine things about people we've never met before.

Most people haven't been initiated into the lore of computer programming. They may be able to use the artifacts of computer programming in some limited ways, but the magic behind them remains a mystery, sometimes predictable and useful, at other times frightening or even destructive. A select few are born with the ability to understand and control this force. These computer wizards form brotherhoods, each sharing knowledge and perhaps working on a common purpose. They seek out those with the ability, so that they may be initiated, their abilities developed, and be put to use for good and not evil.

The path to computer wizardry is long and requires study and devotion. There are many rites and incantations one should master, and not nearly all who start on the path achieve true mastery of the art. However, to those who have the ability to understand and control this magical force, the path can be very rewarding. From the first steps in making a computer do your bidding, to creating your own incantations, and perhaps even software artifacts for others to work with, opens up a world of endless possibilities.

This, to me, is what computer programming is really about. It is about better understanding the computers that are such an important element of contemporary life. It's about creating things useful and wonderful. But most importantly, it is about exploring a world of infinite possibilities, where you learn through guidance and experimentation, and great things can be achieved, given enough imagination and devotion. It is a wonderful world, and I feel blessed to be part of it and to have met so many others who continue to inspire me with their wisdom, insights, and creations.