Emacs Lisp, S-Lang, and Open Implementation Applications

Emacs Lisp, S-Lang, and Open Implementation Applications

Robbert Haarman


Posted by inglorion
at 2013-02-16 16:48:00

I wonder how how S-Lang compares to Emacs Lisp in terms of language design (especially extensibility and available abstractions), performance of the implementation (Emacs is pretty slow, but I have no idea if S-Lang is better), and features that have already been implemented.

There are some really cool things that have been implemented using either language, e.g. applications using S-Lang, Emacs has too many to list, but org-mode is one example. Mutt probably owes its continued popularity to S-Lang. Emacs definitely owes its success to Emacs Lisp. JED is one of the few programs that is similar to Emacs in spirit, and it's written in S-Lang. I strongly believe that these sorts of open implementation applications are the way to go if you want your application to stay relevant far into the future. I wonder, if you were to develop an open implementation application today, what language would you use?