Re: Voodoo Compiler v1.1.4 Released

Re: Voodoo Compiler v1.1.4 Released

Robbert Haarman


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Posted by angellily
at 2016-12-13 06:08:56

Hello everyone - On AMD64, tail-call now restores all callee-save registers in the active frame to their saved values before transferring control to the function being called. Before this fix, calling code generated by the Voodoo compiler from code generated by a different compiler would, under certain circumstances, cause callee-save registers to have wrong values upon return to the code from the other compiler. - On AMD64, rbx is now a callee-save register, as required by the ABI. - More rigorous tests for expressions have been added. These exposed some bugs in the generated code on AMD64, which have been fixed. - The ARM code generator now emits constant pools as necessary to keep them within limited distance from the code that uses online <a href="">Prempal Singh</a> uk. Previously, constant pools were only emitted at the end of blocks, which could cause the offset between a constant and an instruction that uses that constant to be larger than what can be encoded in the instruction. best regards angellily

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