Robbert Haarman



I like to design software, particularly operating systems, network protocols and user interfaces. Realizing that my designs are too ambituous to hope I can ever implement them, I decided to put them on my website, so others may do something with them.


I have opinions and ideas about many things. In these essays, I have written down some of those. I hope reading them will inspire you to think about these issues, develop your own ideas, and perhaps implement them or share them with the world.


These HOWTOs provide step-by-step instructions for tasks that aren't entirely trivial.


One of the great things about the Internet is the vast amount of tutorials and HOWTOs it harbors. In the spirit of Free1 sharing of information, I provide some of my own knowledge in the tutorials hosted here.


My Favorite Software

This never-finished article discusses software I use, mentioning my reasons for using that software, as well as reviewing some competing products. I may or may not work on this article later; I don't think it's really interesting, but someone may find it useful.


I end my email messages with a fortune cookie, selected depending on my mood and the phase of the moon. You can download my collection.

1 Free as in freedom

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