Robbert Haarman



TurboVM is a small and simple virtual machine, intended as a compilation target for programming languages. TurboVM uses bytecode with a RISC instruction set designed for easy and fast generation and interpretation, as well as flexibility (i.e. it does not impose a certain paradigm like many other VMs). Bytecode can be interpreted or compiled to native code (currently via C). Some speed tests indicate that the bytecode interpreter runs about a factor 15 to 30 slower than native programs, whereas compiling the bytecode yields performance equal to or close to that of equivalent programs written in C.


Note: TurboVM is currently under heavy development, and there are known bugs and missing features. The download below is provided as a snapshot of the current state for those who wish to take an early peek. Having said that, the code works and one can assemble, disassemble, interpret, and compile programs. TurboVM is open-source software, available under the terms of the MIT licence.

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