Robbert Haarman



wake is a Perl program to send Wake-on-LAN packets to wake up remote systems. It works on any system that has Perl installed and supports UDP; any Unix-like system and even Microsoft Windows should work


wake is free software under the MIT License. You can download it here:

The executable is contained in the tarball and is called wake. Documentation is embedded in it; you can read it with perldoc.

How does it work?

You call wake with the MAC address of the machine you want to wake up (e.g. wake 00:40:63:DE:56:3E). This MAC address is used to construct a special packet containing the sequence 0xffffffffffff, followed by 16 repetitions of the MAC address. The machine listens to the network, and if it detects this sequence, it is powered up. Of course, this requires that the machine supports Wake-on-LAN (usually, you also have to enable it in the BIOS).

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