Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Robbert Haarman



No tutorial can possibly cover everything there is to know about Scheme. This section contains links to other places with useful information related to Scheme.

Lots of Scheme resources of all sorts. Also hosts the SRFIs.

Revised(5) Report on the Algorithmic Languaga Scheme

This is the current Scheme standard. It is very useful as a reference.

Scheme Requests For Implementation

The SRFIs are a set of proposed extensions to the Scheme standard. SRFIs allow developers to write more useful programs, without getting locked into one specific Scheme implementation. Most implementations implement some SRFIs.

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

The book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (AKA the Wizard Book) by Abelson and Sussman is an introduction to programming, using Scheme. It starts at the basics, but rapidly progresses to topics so advanced that many languages other than Scheme would not have been able to keep up. Each step is clearly and concisely explained, making the book easy to follow.

The Scheme Programming Language

The Scheme Programming Language is a good book about Scheme, starting at the basics and covering about the entire languages. Plenty of examples are provided.

How to Design Programs

How to Design Programs is a book about programming, which explains concepts and techniques using Scheme.

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