Robbert Haarman



This page contains links to sites that I visit regularly.


Slashdot is the parent of all blogs. It has a vast community, interesting discussions and a working moderation system to separate those from the enormous volumes of crap that get posted there. I post as RAMMS+EIN.


OSNews is devoted to breaking news about operating systems (particularly Free ones). Most of what gets posted here is also posted on Slashdot, and I prefer to comment there, as the OSNews engine lacks threading, rating and authentication. It tends to get the news a little earlier, though. When I post, I post as Inglorion.

The New York Times

Although I do not have a very high opinion of USAmerican media in general (I find them one-sided and suspect them of self-censorship), I do read the New York Times. They feature interesting editorials and insightful articles on technology.


The site that takes care of all my searching needs is Google. It's searches are so effective that I am almost led to believe that if it's not on Google, it doesn't exist.

Paul Graham

Paul Graham has written some interesting essays. Most of them are about software development or geekdom, but some are on other topics.

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