Robbert Haarman


On this page I provide links to pages outside my website. The links are organized into various categories, which are briefly described below.


The Internet is a fantastic place, where people freely speak their minds. This leads to some really interesting texts being available online. On this page I provide links to articles and other things that various people have written.


This page contains links to sites that I visit regularly.


I once read in a magazine that everyone on Earth knows everyone else on the planet through about 6 links. This makes me think that if everyone linked to the personal websites of everyone they know, one could visit anyone's webpage through few links. This allows the discovery of common friends, seeing what the friends of your friends are interested in, and many other possibly interesting things. So, here's my contribution.


Programming is one of my favorite activities. This page provides links to materials related to programming techniques and languages.


We all use software. We all depend on software. Software has a profound impact on our daily lives. This page provides links related to software that I use, organized by category.

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