Robbert Haarman



I once read in a magazine that everyone on Earth knows everyone else on the planet through about 6 links. This makes me think that if everyone linked to the personal websites of everyone they know, one could visit anyone's webpage through few links. This allows the discovery of common friends, seeing what the friends of your friends are interested in, and many other possibly interesting things. So, here's my contribution.

I know that some of my friends are not listed here, even though they do have websites. If know of their addresses, please tell me.

Martin van Es

Martin and me were classmates in high school. We have been best friends ever since. Together, we created the school's website (the design has changed since). We were going to study cognitive artificial intelligence (CKI, dutch) together, but I changed my mind and went to University College Utrecht instead.

Gáli Csaba

While in high school, I participated in an exchange project with the Németh László Gimnázium in Budapest (Hungary). Csaba stayed at my place for a while, and I stayed at his. My reason for choosing him from over all the others was that he mentioned having read The Lord of the Rings (I am sure you have all seen the movie now), something that many of my closest friends have in common.

Jaap Weel

I met Jaap at University College Utrecht. We studied together for a few years, before he transfered to the California Institute of Technology. We share a deep interest in computer science and many political opinions. Jaap is also into physics, math and logic.

Hsieh Ming-Ling

Ming-Ling is a Taiwanese girl that I met in Davis, California, while I was an exchange student at UC Davis. We became lovers and were together for quite a while, even after we went back to our respective home countries, until the distance finally drove us apart.


I met Joy (real name Wu Jia Ying) when she and Ming-Ling visited me in the Netherlands. We became good friends and have kept in touch.

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